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     About us
We are a chemical manufacturer producing solutions ranging from metal treatment to corrosion protection, from industrial cleaners to paint strippers.

We proudly manufacture the best quality household cleaners.

TOP Chemical Industries is a Canadian based company which strongly recognizes the demands of local market as well as the structure of global market place. We have more than 25 years of experience in this business.

We do have the technical services to provide our customers with integrated solutions to their chemical finishing needs and have the capability to supply a wide range of industries and applications, including such diverse markets as agricultural components, appliances, automotive suppliers, aviation, equipment engineering, metal containers, metal working and metal furniture. Our products range from industrial cleaners, non-chrome conversion coatings, coatings and industrial adhesives to acid and corrosion inhibitors among others. Top Chemical Industries Inc produces numerous families of chemical solutions ranging from Top Coat 4444™ to Top Coat 8888™ to TOP Cleaner H.S.T™ to TOP Cleaner 2222™ which are widely used in the metal finishing industry. We are also proud of our household cleaners with the number one quality and effectiveness, try our Bathroom Cleaner to experience the comfort of living without the hardship of  house chores. Top Chemical’s solutions are formulated to meet the precise needs and convenience of its customers, including unique variations ideal for export. These solutions are sold both directly to end users as well as to distributors.

This is a brief review of the products used in most industrial operations.                    A short description of the function of these products, by category is followed by a list of some of the products in each group. No attempt has been made to list all of the products for a good reason. We have hundreds of formulas. Our marketing section is ready to provide varied forms of Industrial Cleaners for the following industries:
Our Pricing is not only amongst the lowest in the industry but we also offer annualized volume rebates . The more you purchase from us on a yearly basis the more you will receive back, one way we say thank you. We also say thank you through our technical servicing support. You have a problem and at Top Chemical we have the solutions.
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