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Q)  What types of paint strippers do you have?

A) In general, we have two classes of paint strippers,
            1) EF (Environment friendly) based
            2) MC (Methylene Chloride) based

Q)  What are the differences between these paint strippers?

A)  1) Generally, MC (Methylene Chloride) based paint strippers work faster and more effective than EF (Environment friendly) paint strippers.
     2) MC based paint strippers are being regulated in some districts and municipalities. Meaning that you will not be allowed to use large quantities of that in a given period of time. This could usually be a concern if you are using about 55 Gallon drum or more per month.
     3) EF paint strippers are biodegradable and water soluble.

Q)  How could your paint stripper be applied?

A) From a different perspective, all our paint strippers could be divided into two categories:
         1) Immersion (or dip tank) type.
         2) Brush type which could even be applied using a spray gun.
Immersion (Dip) paint strippers) are always stronger than their brush (spray) type counterparts.
Basically, if the size of the objects you are dealing with is small enough, it is always better to order Immersion (Dip) type of paint strippers. But, if you are dealing with bigger objects such as; building, aircrafts, marine, …, then you will find brush (spray) type more suitable.


Q)  How do I decide which paint stripper to order?

A) It is very easy. Just try answering the following questions:
1) Is it practical for you to dip (immerse) your object into a tank of liquid paint strippers?
  Yes. Then Immersion type of paint strippers will be the way to go.
  No. Then, you have to choose brush type paint strippers.
2) Are you going to use paint stripper on a regular basis (say, at least 20 Gallons or more per month)?
  Yes, Then, there is a chance that you will have to use EF paint 
  No. Then, there is a chance that you may be able to use MC paint 
  It is hard for us to give a definite answer to this question, 
  because the environmental regulations vary from state to state
  and country to country.

Q)  Are your paint strippers safe on Aluminum, fiberglass, ….?

A) 1) Our MC Paint stripper is safe on Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium, 
        and almost any other alloys.
    2) Additionally, our EF Paint stripper is safe on  Steel, Aluminum,
        Magnesium, and almost any
        other alloys as well as wood, fiberglass, brick, …

Q)  How much chemical do I need to apply using brush type paint stripper?

A) You should apply a thick layer of stripper equaling the thickness of the paint.
Q) How much coverage will one US gallon (3.78 L) provide?
A) One gallon should cover approximately 90-110 sq. ft.

Q)  How can I get a free sample?

A) Simply by contacting our experienced technical representative team [ or 604-904-0400], you can ask for a free sample.
It would be great if you could even supply us with your UPS number to
take care of shipping the sample to you. In any event, the sample is free and you will never be billed for that.


Q) How long does it take for the paint stripper to work?

A) 1) For MC (Methylene Chloride) based paint stripper – about 20 
    2) For EF (Environmentally Friendly) paint strippers – about 2-3


Q)  Is it Environmental and user friendly?

A)   Yes, Top ENV 6600 product line is Environmentally Friendly. its not caustic and does not contain any Methylene Chloride or phenols.

Q) Does it work on chemical resistant coatings such as Sherman Williams and PRC Desoto coating?

A)   Yes, our ENV 6600 paint stripper is specifically manufactured for tough aircraft coating.

Q) How should I dispose of the paint?

A)  ENV 6600 Paint Strippers are environmentally friendly products. Nevertheless, we ask that you treat all stripped paint as hazardous waste and just dispose of it according to your local and national standards.

Q) Why Not sandblasting instead of using chemicals to strip paint?


Table 1. Annual Operating Cost Comparison for Benzyl Alcohol versus Traditional Sandblasting


Benzyl Alcohol

Traditional Sandblasting

Operational Costs:    
Labor: $180,000 $288,000
Solvent costs: $75,000 $0
Media costs: $0 $48,125
Utilities: $500 $2,200
Waste Disposal: $48,450 $18,480
Maintenance: $0 $700
Total Costs: $303,950 $357,505

Annual Savings for Using Benzyl Alcohol: $53,555

Sources: Mr. Brad Baum, Baum & Associates, Inc., May 1996
Ms. Chris Mahendra, Naval Air Warfare Center, Lakehurst, NJ, May 1996
Ms. Penny Sue Jones, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, February 2000.

Q) WHY should I use Environmentally friendly paint stripper instead of methylene Chloride?

A)   Switching from methylene chloride to benzyl alcohol paint stripping will decrease a facility’s HAP emissions which will decrease the possibility that a facility will meet the HAP emissions threshold for an air permit under 40 CFR 70 and 71. Reducing HAP emissions may also help a facility to comply with the requirements of the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs) (40 CFR 63).


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